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This belt with the black strap just went on back order. They will be back in about 2 to 3 weeks. We do have the same belt in stock with the
light blue strap like shown on the pre owned page. During check out please leave a note if you want the blue strap or if you want to wait on the black
to come back. If no note is listed you will be sent the blue. Those that go with the blue can purchase discounted black strap later once we have some
and then you could have both. Thanks

The next generation of replica belts are finally here!

Continuing with the success of our Next Generation of replica belts, we are proud to introduce the WWE Winged Eagle Championship Adult Size Next Generation Replica Belt. What does Next Generation mean? It means thicker plates (4 mm to be exact) with a tremendous amount of detail in them, more than ever before. The plates on these belts are created using advanced computer imaging technology to create the most accurate plates we have ever made!

Every detail on our new Next Generation replica belts are deeper and clearer than ever before. You can even see details on our new Next Generation belts that were previously indistinguishable. Because each detail on the belt is deeper, that means even the paint job on the plates are cleaner.

Crafted after the actual belt handmade by Reggie Parks, the WWE Winged Eagle Championship Adult Size Casted Replica Belt is an exact-scale replica of the classic 1990's version with the Legends "W" logo that measures 4 feet 2 inches long and weighs 6 pounds. The strap is made of our new and improved simulated leather, and the center medallion measures 9 inches high. *Comes in a cloth carrying case with the WWE logo on it.

*Bag Style and wording may vary.


If there is a belt that you want that you don't see listed please e-mail me or call me, because we may have it in!

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