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Custom side plates are now available from

A&J’s Belts. Plates are zinc with 24k gold plating. Can be done replica style where they screw in from the back or ring accurately so that screw on from the top with supplied hardware. Made to fit the current men’s 2023 WHC, new Undisputed Universal. Older models of the 2014 WHC, UK and Universal Championship.

The photo shown are examples of ones done in the past just to give you an idea of the possibilities.

 We will NOT fulfill any orders utilizing any third party intellectual property rights not owned or properly licensed by the customer (including, but not limited to, WWE logos and talent names).

Introductory pricing just $189.99 a set shipped free within USA. Production time varies based on demand but should normally be within 5-7 business weeks. After checking out please email us or PM ( John Barbarossa ) with photos or to explain what your wanting.

**Note** because the side plates are rather small it’s always encouraged do use minimal detail and minimal colors. These plates are all plated and painted by hand. So minor imperfections are to be expected. Plates may sit more flush or slightly raised depending on your belt and may slightly vary from order to order. The unseen backside of the plates remain unfinished to keep cost down. Also please note that our guesstimated timeframe is just that. We do everything in our power to have the product arrive as quickly as possible. Sometimes it’s sooner sometimes it’s later so please be patient.

Custom Side Plates

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