National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Championship adult sized replica belt. The legendary 10 pounds of gold made famous by Ric Flair. These are official Size and Weight!! They are officially licensed by NWA and Reggie Parks and are brought to you by Premier Replica Belts. This belt features GROMMETS and SIMULATED DIAMONDS just like the ORIGINAL!!! The belt comes with 4.5mm thick plates as all Mega Deluxe belts do and has DEEP engraving/etching to the plates. Also as shown in the pictures is has the amazing 3D Dome Globe!! Premier is known for their unmatched quality, trust me when I say this blows the first replica out of the water. This is the 2nd belt in the classic NWA series and this is the 2rd and finial* shipment of the NWA Worlds. The strap is very floppy and soft! Thicker Plates then before and more weight! This belt is Pre-Owned and in great shape. It has a few small surface marks and imperfections that any and all replica belt gets over time. And as always FREE SHIPPING in the USA!!!!***Note*** Due to the coronavirus some of our in bound shipments have been delayed. These belts will start shipping again on a 1st come 1st serve basis in the order in which they were order for or paid off ( if layaway was used ) once received back in stock.

Pre-Owned NWA World Heavyweight Championship

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