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If you smell what The Rock is cooking, then you are going to love this Signature Series Replica Title Belt. The millions and millions of The Rock's fans will relish the immaculate details on this sleek edition of the custom Brahama Bull WWE Championship. It oozes with iconic links to The Great One, including the People's Eyebrow charmingly woven into the bull imagery. The belt also features red jewels circulating the center plate and a black/gray tribal pattern background. Once you procure this Signature Series Replica Title Belt, make sure to shine it up real nice and stick it straight into your WWE collection. It's a guaran-damn-tee that you will be one of the most electrifying sports entertainment collectors with this item in your possession.


Product ID: 5274570

Brand: WWE Authentic


Strap measures approx. 53.1375" x 10.375"

Main plate measures approx. 12.32" x 9.527"

First side plate measures approx. 3.74" x 4.937

Second side plate measures approx. 2.67" x 3.75"

Logo measures approx. 1.875" x 2.7"

End cap measures approx. 3.387" x 4.187"

Weighs approx. 8.15 lbs.

Material: 100% Polyurethane - Strap; 100% Zinc Alloy - Center and Side Plates

Officially licensed

WWE The Rock Signature Series Replica Title Belt

PriceFrom $599.99
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