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Custom Championship Belts:

Pricing varies depending on what you want. Our top-of-the-line with 24 karat gold plating zinc 4mm on real leather with backing run $685. Or if you want brass 4mm on real leather $485. Brass just lacks some detail. They take about a 30 to 45 days to come in once paid for. You can pay half down and half before we ship. (Stacked plates, really large belts or any unique or intricate designs may be subject to an up-charge).

It’s preferred that you have an overall design or a belt to base off of and that you provide artwork or photos for what you want on each plate. If you want something done from scratch that would have an additional charge of $125 for artwork.

Use the Contact Us link at the top of the page and send us a message for more info!

NOTE** Once artwork is approved, there are 100% no refunds.

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