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***NOTE***Check out the details below for our new canvas fold in style bags that are perfect for Fandu Big Golds, Tags, Backlund and Belts on softer or real leather straps.


Velvet: NEED A BELT BAG/CASE???If your looking for a belt bag then you have came to the right place. Now for sale are brand new soft velvet like belt bags! These bags have been designed to be a 1 size fits all. The bag is 60 inches long by 15 inches tall at the main plate. Its been made extra wide to fit those wide strapped belts also! This belt fits every replica belt ever made including the Andre title. This belt fits almost every custom made belt ever made as well. Most custom belts don't come with a bag or at least a nice one so this is the very best way to protect your investment! For smaller belts this bag works out great as they will fit without a issue and have that extra padding that most want for there belts. If you have any questions as toif your belt will fit please email us, but 99% of all belts ever made will fit. Replicas, Deluxe, Ultra, Custom, Homemade they all will fit! The bags are brand new and come sealed in a large zip lock bag. Shipping is Free within the USA! MAIN DETAILS SUPER SOFT MATERIAL 60inches long 15inches Tall at Main Plate Extra Wide Side Strap Ends for Added Protection Heavy Duty Zipper 1 SIZE FITS ALL MULTI BAG DISCOUNT. EVEN FITS THE ANDRE Fandu.


Canvas: Our brand new canvas bags feature a carrying strap and heavy duty zipper. These bags are perfect for Fandu Big Golds, Fandu Classic tags, Fandu Backlund as well as most boots and any belt on softer, broken in or real leather straps. With these bags the belts are put inside while in the folded position. These bags are super strong and weather resistant. Free shipping within USA!

Please note the fold in style does not fit the Andre.

Championship Belt Bag ( VOLUME DISCOUNTS)

PriceFrom $29.99
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