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Premier Replica Belts Inc. Is proud to release its brand new 1 piece real belt tip. Styled just like the real deal with 24k gold plating. Also available in silver! This tip slips on your championship belts!  Its just 1 piece so there are no screws or extra parts. Item is plated in 24k gold plating. Fits on 95% of all belts made. This will fit on most replicas, boots, real belts and handmade. Some replicas will need a slight trimming of the strap others won't. Most boots and real belts the tip will slip right on with no issues. For those that want a more permanent fix they put a small amount of strong glue in the tip before sliding in the strap. At the bottom of this page  there are more details on fitting. This 1 piece real belt tip installs much easier then the replica tip below and is top of the line! Its perfect to upgrade the tip you have or add to any belt that doesn't have a tip already!

Real 1 Piece Gold or Silver 24k gold plated tip!

PriceFrom $79.99
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