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Want to upgrade or replace your replica belt strap? If so then you came to the right place. We now offer Custom made real leather replacement straps for your replica belts. Our straps are all custom made with 100% real leather, with NO synthetic spacers what so ever. Meaning its 100% real leather all the way through. The straps are soft and floppy just like the belt straps used on TV. You can not get a better strap then this. Its the best of the best when it comes to quality and craftsman ship. The straps can be made for any belt ever made as a replica. Also we already have the pattern for 98% of the belts so there is no need for you the customer to have to mail us your belt first. The only time you would need to mail us your belt first is if you wanted a backing put on or if you wanted us to make a strap for 1 of the belts that fall in the 2% that we don't already have a pattern for. Also we don't offer the standard 4 to 6 month time frame as we would not want to have to wait that long. Our straps are custom made and ready to ship normally within 5-7 weeks. ( at times this time frame can be shorter or longer. We do them as quickly and efficiently as possible and there aren’t any day to day or week to week updates. After purchasing generally the only time you’ll hear from us after that point is to provide you with tracking when the item is ready to ship ).

As much as we strive for a tremendously quick turnaround time on everything else we sell and do this particular product we just cannot keep up with the demand. Because of the quality and craftsmanship and hype generated around this product we sell them faster than we can make them so your patience is expected and appreciated. The straps at this time are offered in the following colors: BLACK / WHITE / BLUE / RED / BROWN**. So again it will be 100% real leather. You can view videos of some of the straps we have done on the Videos page of the website or by viewing the picture below. Again these straps are custom hand made straps. So they are the best of the best when it comes to quality. Very soft, and floppy just like on TV and at the same time even more durable then a normal replica strap.


Because these items are made to order they are 100% nonrefundable. If you have any questions or concerns about you real leather strap you must reach out to us within 2 business days to discuss. Due to the nature of the product is why they are 100% non-returnable. Also please note that in some cases the belt factory’s switch up the screw hole placement on certain belts. If your ordering a send out strap we are not responsible if the holes are off compared to the majority pattern we use. We are aware of most of the changes the factories have made over time and will ask ahead of time. But for certain belts where they’ve made these changes and we’re not aware we again wouldn’t be responsible for any finagling or tweaking that you may have to do if you decide not to mail your belt in for the backing to also cover the screws. Also real leather comes off a wild animal. With that said its 100% normal for there to be imperfections on the leather hides ( mosquito bites and scars most commonly ). Granted we always do our best to work around these areas or have them hidden behind the plates but we aren’t always able to.


Because most customers don’t prefer stitching on their real leather straps we do not stitch any of the straps unless requested by the customer when they order. Original straps are not returned unless requested when doing a full pro grade with backing.

Light colors are very difficult to properly shade and blend. Colors like white or custom requests for yellow or any light colors might have an appearance of lighter and darker areas. Those areas are normally covered by the plates but those colors are more susceptible to dirt and dust, and can sometimes appear to be faded which is completely normal.

Real Leather Strap

PriceFrom $249.99
  • We are not responsible  for any damage that may occur for replica belts being sent in for backings or re-leather. Be sure to ship all belts with insurance.

    * If you choose to have a backing put on, you will need to send in your title belt. The $20.00 for the backing covers the cost of the backing and the return shipping to you.

    Due to the over whelming popularity of the pro grade line of belts and our pro grade custom real leather straps, the normal time frame is about 3 to 5 weeks.  Our guys take extreme pride in there work and they don't make short cuts. We are this booked up on strap orders and pro grade belt orders for a reason and you will see that reason when your order arrives. 3 to 5 weeks is the normal time frame, during the holidays, tax time and WM time these time frames can be longer. So please be patience, we do them as fast as we can.  Thank You

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