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For three decades, The Undertaker has loomed over the WWE landscape like a menacing shadow, spelling out doom for those who dare cross him. Imbued with seemingly mystical abilities and preternatural in-ring skill, The Deadman is a WWE great in a class by himself, and no list of Legends would be complete without him.

WWE Shop is celebrating this unrivaled 30-year career with the latest release in the WWE Signature Series Championship Title Collection.

At Survivor Series 1991 Undertaker stunned the entire WWE Universe when he tombstoned the immortal Hulk Hogan onto a steel chair, pinning him to capture his first ever WWE Championship. Every aspect of the Undertaker Signature Series Championship Replica Title has been designed to evoke the essence of The Deadman. The title plates are from the Winged Eagle version of the title that he took home on that unforgettable night, only silver & purple rather than gold and blue. The simulated leather strap is crafted into an ornate gothic shape found on no other replica title and printed all over with heraldic flourishes and Undertaker’s iconic symbol. And the side plates feature the Undertaker 30 logo.


  • Material
    • Plates: Zinc alloy plating 
    • Strap Front: P/U Suede with UV Printing
    • Strap Back: Velvet Material with Embossed Pattern
  • Strap size: 51.5" x 11.4", thickness 6mm
  • Plates
    • Main Plate: 9" x 10", thickness 6mm
    • 1st Side Plate: 5" x 302", thickness 5mm
    • 2nd Side Plate: 4.5" x 3.25", thickness 6mm
    • 3rd Side Plate: 2.5" x 2", thickness 5mm
    • End Cap: 3.25” x 4.375”, thickness 9mm
  • Weight: 5.8 lbs.

Undertaker 30 Years Signature Series Championship Title

PriceFrom $499.99
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