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This title was presented to Stone Cold Steve on March 30, 1998 after winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 14. This marked the end of the Winged Eagle Title and served as precursor to the Attitude Era Championship Title. This replica has been created with stunning detail and is a must-have for collectors & fans alike!


Plate Material: Zinc Alloy

Strap Material: Polyurethane

Strap Dimensions: 57.75" x 11.44", thickness 6mm.

Largest Waist Size: 46"

Weight: 6.84 lbs

Snap Fasteners

Custom Strap

Plate Length and Width

Main Plate: 12.25" x 10.25"

First Side Plate: 3.875" x 4.563"

Second Side Plate: 3.313" x 3.875"

W Side Plate: 2.438" x 3.375"

Plate Thickness

Main Plate: 5mm

First Side Plate: 5mm

Second Side Plate: 5mm

W Side Plate: 5mm

Layaway pricing is $475. Real leather Pro grades are made to order. We advertise a 5-7 week turn around on those like on our re-leathering. Often times we are on the lower end of that time frame if not more like just a couple weeks.

WWE Blue Big Eagle Championship Replica Title

PriceFrom $449.99
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